Where Don Imus went wrong

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Politicalcification, or,
Found: Where Don Imus went wrong


I don't think anyone
should say anything
in public any more.
Well, nothing that might be misconstrued
or misstated
or misunderstood
and when I say “mis”
I do not mean miss
which is an appellation for an unmarried woman.
not that there
is anything wrong with not being married
or that there is anything necessarily right about marriage that is any righter than
not being married
and when I say right
I certainly don't mean that marriage is right
or conservative
‘cause marriage could be left
not that you should just leave your marriage
I mean right as in a red state vs. left as in a blue state
even if you're a red
(as in a communist)
you have the right
I mean
the ability
to be a communist
and not
or not
and as for blue states
I mean states that tend to vote democratic or liberal
and not the state of being depressed
or blue
and being depressed is just fine
and there are certainly pharmaceutical ways of dealing with that
only you don't have to just do that because there are
other therapies aren't there
and the blues are a wonderful type of music
only, of course, not the only type...although handwriting is fine also
if you
can't type or prefer not to type
but right

I mean write.

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