Paco PeÓ±a at Verizon Hall

1 minute read
Genuine uncommercial flamenco


Flamenco in the West is a flash dance in the popular consciousness, but the art’s real practitioners actually enjoy cult-like followers who lose themselves in lengthy flamenco solos. That’s one reason why the Paco Peña Flamenco Ensemble sells out Verizon Hall and people pound the rafters after two and a half hours of authentic, undistilled, uncommercialized Spanish dance without any decoration.

Paso doble, rhythmic tension, heart stopping arrests and slides, matador lunges, ball-bearing turns and smoldering attitude represent merely the primary colors on flamenco’s palette. The boots and heels on the ground mix the alchemy for the guitarists and the singer, unleashing a crystal-clear raging stream of sound and vision.

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