Emily is a white woman with short brown hair and glasses, wearing a dark shirt.

Emily R. Zarevich

BSR Contributor Since April 5, 2023

Emily R. Zarevich (she/her) is a writer from Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Her work can be found regularly on Jstor Daily and Early Bird Books, among others.

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An old portrait of Coates, sepia toned.

Remembering Florence Van Leer Earle Nicholson Coates

Looking back at a Philly poet legend

April is National Poetry Month, and Emily R. Zarevich recalls historic poet Florence Van Leer Earle Nicholson Coates, who paved the way for future generations of poets in Philadelphia.
Emily R. Zarevich

Emily R. Zarevich

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The book cover, with a black & white collage including Black body parts, typewriter, cassette, filing cabinet, deer & figs.

Side Notes from the Archivist, by Anastacia-Reneé

Archives and alchemy

Poet Anastacia-Reneé might as well be a chemist: her mix of genres in this new collection is a crackling reactive substance that ranges widely without ever losing the author’s singular voice. Emily R. Zarevich reviews.
Emily R. Zarevich

Emily R. Zarevich

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Berenstain Bears logo with the cartoon family of five light-brown bears in human clothes crowded happily together.

Remembering Stan and Jan Berenstain, the Philly artists who created the Berenstain Bears

The makers of America’s favorite bear family

Stanley Melvin Berenstain met Janice Marian Grant when they were both studying art in Philadelphia—ostensibly to join the army, but their career took a very different turn. Emily Zarevich considers.
Emily R. Zarevich

Emily R. Zarevich

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