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Tom Hannigan is a comedian and writer based in Philadelphia. He performs regularly on the Philly Improv Theater house team, Outside Voices.

Tom Hannigan is a Philadelphia-based comedian and writer. He performs regularly on Saturday nights with his house team, Outside Voices, at the Philly Improv Theater. Tom Graduated with Honors from the Community College of Philadelphia with an Associates in English and a Creative Writing Certificate. Throughout school Tom has studied various art forms, such as improvisation, acting, creative writing, painting, and pottery. Tom is currently a student at Temple University where he hopes to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in English. Tom works part-time with The Philly Improv Theater as a house manager and is the former event coordinator for APIARY Magazine.

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Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams in “Hook” (© Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

Remembering Robin Williams (two)

A spirit of play

There was never a point in my life where Robin Williams wasn’t the man.
Tom Hannigan

Tom Hannigan

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