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Steve Antinoff teaches philosophy and Eastern thought at University of the Arts. He lives in Center City.

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Iova-Koga: Once thrown from that chair, how will he live?

"Milk Traces' by Shinichi Iova-Koga

In search of a fig leaf

Shinichi Iova-Koga's Milk Traces reflects the atmosphere of the East. Yet it also reflects hints of Genesis, Kafka, Hegel and Martin Buber— specifically, the human obsession since Adam and Eve with concealing our nakedness and/or our lack of perfection.

Steve Antinoff

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Garfield: A lover? Yes, but for what? (Photo: Juleta Cervantes.)

Keely Garfield's "Limerence'

This woman is dangerous

Keely Garfield's Limerence could be the Cliff Notes to poet Gary Snyder's line: “The pointless wars of the heart.” It draws blood. And if you're like me, it takes a night of fitful sleep before you realize how badly you've been cut.

Steve Antinoff

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Edgar Allan Poe: Ecstasy junkie

Appreciating Edgar Allan Poe (With a little help from D.H. Lawrence)

Poe was a man who, having known the ecstasy of intimate love (not to mention drugs and alcohol), couldn't tolerate its loss. That's his real-life horror tale.

Steve Antinoff

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Tharp: Giving the audience new eyes.

Twyla Tharp's "Noir' by UArts

Tharp, and a cat playing with a dead mouse

Twyla Tharp's Noir allows the audience to view the world she creates on stage with the eyes of Eternity and Death. It's the world as Freud described it: civilized and polite on the surface but ruled, in fact, by erotic desire and aggression unto the death.

Steve Antinoff

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Bazell: Much to bitch about.

An "unresponsive' critic's response

Some of us dance,
and some are critics

Choreographer Myra Bazell argues that her peer dancers make better critics than outsiders who “shark around desperately.” As one such shark, allow me to bite back.

Steve Antinoff

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1061 Formica

"Factor T' at Fringe Festival

When a dancer asserts an idea in the program notes, and that idea is executed beautifully in performance, but the idea is not quite true, or even false –– has that artist succeeded or failed? That’s my question for Factor T, as performed by Poland’s Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre.

Factor T. Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre of Poland. Directed by Laszek Bzdyl; music by Mikolaj Trzaska. Through September 7, 2008 at Christ Church Neighbor

Steve Antinoff

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1053 saben2

Erica Saben's "Inside' at Fringe Festival

How can a body seem alive without moving? Through the demonic negation in her eyes, Erica Saben discloses her “Inside,” the title of her piece. This interiority has a voltage; it is charged, in her case, with psychic danger.

InFlux. Works in Progress by Mascher Space Cooperative, including “Inside,” by Erica Saben. August 29-31, 20087 at Arts Bank, 601 S. Broad St. www

Steve Antinoff

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1015 La Bute

"The Shape of Things' at Plays and Players

In Neil LaBute’s play, The Shape of Things, a gorgeous art student seduces an unattractive, unsuspecting young man as her thesis project. Is she corrupted by her acts? Or do some beautiful and vital beings live exempt from consequences?

The Shape of Things. By Neil LaBute; directed by Carol Laratonda. Plays and Players production August 6-10, 2008 at Plays and Players Theater, 1710 Delancey St. www.plays

Steve Antinoff

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