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Amy Beth Sisson

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Amy Beth Sisson (She/Her) is a poet and MFA candidate at Rutgers Camden. See more about her writing and her Swarthmore History project at amybethsisson.com.

Amy Beth Sisson is struggling to emerge, toad-like, from the mud in a small town outside of Philly. Her poetry has appeared in Cleaver Magazine, The Night Heron Barks, and Ran Off With the Star Bassoon. Her fiction has appeared in The Best Short Stories of Philadelphia and other places. Her last day job was in software development. She told programmers what business people want and business people why they can't quite have it. In fall of 2021, she started an MFA in Poetry at Rutgers Camden.

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A street corner with a store front and Victorian rowhomes underneath a partly cloudy sky in Swarthmore.

Racism and my nice small town newspaper

Stuck in the genteel

A local news outlet in Swarthmore shows us how not to cover a community and the dangers of appealing to a section of an audience that dances around its own racism. Amy Beth Sisson considers.
Amy Beth Sisson

Amy Beth Sisson

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