Chuck Schultz

Chuck Schultz

BSR Contributor Since December 18, 2023

Chuck Schultz (he/him) has been a live sketch artist for the past eight years, drawing performances from the audience and using memory to finish them at home in pen and ink.

Chuck Schultz studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts after earning an associate’s degree from Delaware College of Art and Design. Through pen and ink, he captures a wide variety of concerts and dance and theatrical performances throughout the Philadelphia region, as well as work from the New York Theatre Workshop and the French Institute Alliance Française NY. His work has been successfully auctioned by companies including Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers and EgoPo Classic Theater.

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Impressionistic colored pen & ink drawing of people clustered in a living room, with various words & phrases written in black

A look back at Philly's 2023 cultural scene through the eyes of local artist Chuck Schultz

Capturing Philly performances in original drawings

Philly artist Chuck Schultz has been in the audience at concerts, plays, and dance performances throughout 2023. Now, he shares the performances through his own eyes in this one-of-a-kind BSR gallery.
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Alaina Johnsand Chuck Schultz

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