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Bridget Scanlan

BSR Contributor Since April 10, 2023

Bridget Scanlan (she/her) is a teacher, writer, and lifelong Philadelphian.

I am an educator and writer. I graduated from Temple University with my bachelor's degree in education and have spent my entire life in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. In addition to teaching, I have been a freelance writer for three years. Under my pseudonym, I’m a regular contributor to the nonprofit advocacy blog Neuroclastic. I write genre fiction in my spare time. My short stories have appeared in several horror and fantasy publications, including Black Petals Magazine, Grinning Skulls Press, and Mythaxis Magazine.

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This April, help autistic people by promoting acceptance, not awareness

A new adage for April

Because of inaccurate and stigmatizing “autism awareness” campaigns, it took writer and educator Bridget Scanlan a long time to learn that she herself is autistic. Now, she advocates a new paradigm of acceptance.
Bridget Scanlan

Bridget Scanlan

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