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Roger Lee is a dance teacher and principal of the Roger Lee Dance Company. He lives in South Philadelphia.
I'm a dance teacher and principal of the Roger Lee Dance Company in Philadelphia.

I taught at The Rock School of Dance Education and Koresh School of Dance, performed live on FOX 29's "Good Day Philadelphia" and Boscov's Thanksgiving Day Parade, wrote for Dance Magazine and Dance/USA e-journal and received a Young Artists' Tuition Scholarship from the American Dance Festival. I earned my master's degree in arts administration from Drexel University, and earned my bachelor's degree in dance and media communications from Ursinus College... all by the age of 24!

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There's more to getting a dance job than auditioning. (Scene from Bob Fosse's "All That Jazz")

Starting a career in dance

What college programs can and cannot do for graduates

College dance majors graduate with a lot of valuable tools, but they have plenty of work to do to create their careers.

Roger Lee

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Dance class by Degas: Before reality TV, YouTube and dance clubs.

Where have all the dance students gone?

Why study dance when you can party?

After teaching dance in Philadelphia for ten years, I can’t help wondering where all the dance students have gone. What competing attractions are grabbing their attention and money?

Roger Lee

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Diverse ethnicities, identical body types.

Our debt to "So You Think You Can Dance'

Where popularity trumps talent (which isn't necessarily bad)

Dance purists find “So You Think You Can Dance” superficial, commercial and degrading. Not me. In an age when dance desperately needs to expand its audience, this popular reality show shows us how to succeed— assuming we can stand success.

Roger Lee

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Flash mob in the London Underground: What better tonic for a hassled urban commuter?

Can dance reach young audiences?

I've seen the future of dance, and it's in the streets

The music and movie industries have no problem reaching younger audiences— the very people dance companies need to reach to assure their future. Yet dance packs more action than any other form of entertainment short of the circus. Why not take to social media and the streets and beat the movies and video companies at their own game?

Roger Lee

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Roger Lee has just published 'Overcoming Dance Fear' after 10 years of teaching. Photo courtesy of the author.
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