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Richard R. Feudale is an attornmey who lives and works in Mount Carmel, Pa.

I'm a licensed attorney doing a small town practice. I graduated from The Hill School, Class of 1984. I had a major in philosophy with a concentration in aesthetics at Bucknell University, Class of 1988. In my aesthetics studies, we talked a great deal of the Barnes Foundation and other great pieces and collections. Currently, I'm an art enthusiast and sometimes curator of a program seen a lot less frequently than even the Barnes Foundation program.

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For art's sake, move the Barnes

In all the arguments about whether to move the Barnes Foundation, has anyone asked: What is best for art? That cause would be enhanced if the Barnes and the Art Museum shared the same campus and allowed their works to be shown together. The key issue isn't about preserving one brilliant collector’s institution. It’s about building on his legacy to expand the love and understanding of art.

Richard R. Feudale

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