I don't look like a social worker? Says who?

Rachel Fogletto


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Rachel Fogletto is a comedian, writer and entertainer who lives in South Philadelphia.

I'm an up-and-coming local comedian with a love for pushing boundaries and making jokes about my life from a sex-positive perspective. I regret few things, except maybe "investing" in a higher education, back when I was young, careless and prone to making bad decisions. I run a monthly showcase called "Comedy-Gasm!" in Old City. Check me out on Facebook and Twitter— enjoy!

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YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCD_NYYNqLuQEIe1eScb4Wew

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I don't look like a social worker? Says who?

A Penn graduate's modest proposal

Dear Penn: You made me what I am today, so who owes whom?

I hold a master's degree in social work from Penn but no job in social work. I do, however, have a budding career as a standup comic (and a former stripper). So what can my alma mater do for me now?
Rachel Fogletto

Rachel Fogletto

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