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RA Friedman is a photographer who lives and works in Center City Philadelphia. He specializes in fine art images that engage in dialogue with vintage photography. Visit his website at rafriedman.com.

RA Friedman is a 1994 MFA painting graduate of Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. His work includes shooting nearly 170 street portraits during the 2005 Philly Fringe and, more recently, designing and installing a giant camera obscura in the high belfry of an abandoned church near Pittsburg as part of New York City artist Clarinda Mac Low's "Salvage/Savation" project.

Friedman is currently at work on a number of series, including the juxtaposition of studio figures and portraits against the urban landscape. A show for April 2008 is slated for Yo! Darkroom/Gallery in Philadelphia. He can be reached at [email protected].

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Film, yes; digital photography no

Digital photography, argues this professional, by its nature is too easy. If a shot doesn’t work, you throw it out. It imposes no creative discipline. On the other hand, film makes me slow down and think— not only about the technical end but also about the images themselves, how they relate to each other and to my overall body of work.
RA Friedman

RA Friedman

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