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Shaheer Naveed


BSR Contributor Since July 26, 2021

Shaheer Naveed (he/him) served as BSR's 2021 summer college intern. He's a rising junior who loves to express himself through writing.

After having the privilege of studying in a liberal arts college in the United States, I have found very intriguing elements of Western society which blend with Eastern society. I love to write about how different cultures connect with each other. I also aim to raise a voice for the minorities in each society. I will strive to provide case studies on how different societies can learn solutions to issues of ethnic discrimination experienced in the United States and in my home country, Pakistan. I believe that we are all together in life's struggles as we join common paths when we least expect it.

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A nighttime city view in Islamabad, Pakistan, with dozens of boxy white buildings and colorful lights under a cloudy sky.

From Islamabad to Santa Fe: Finding the elegance in my difference

Ready for my next leap

Shaheer Naveed is BSR’s summer 2021 intern. He remembers what he learned about fitting in during his first trip to the United States from his home in Pakistan.
Shaheer Naveed

Shaheer Naveed

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