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Myra Chanin is a humorist and cookbook author who lives in New York.

Myra Chanin, aka Mother Wonderful, has been called a cross between Julia Child and Woody Allen-- unfortunately not by either one of them yet.

Actually, she’s funnier than Julia Child— now in butterfat heaven— and she cooks better than Woody Allen, alive or dead, ever did or will.

She’s also the author of several Mother Wonderful Books, the name a former suitor dubbed her Philadelphia cheesecake business which produced a cookbook which produced appearances on Oprah, Charlie Rose, Maury Povich and Hour Magazine.

In New York, after a few stints on the Joey Reynolds all-night radio show, she became his talent booker, part time sidekick, surrogate mother as well as the manipulative Bubby of Joey’s dysfunctional Friday Night Jewish Hour family. She now writes for several web publications and is working on a novel about her husband’s family, which Alvin, that long-suffering saint, is praying will be published posthumously.

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Myra Chanin

Myra Chanin

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