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Michael Fisher (he/him) is a writer, teacher, musician, and podcaster from New Jersey.

Michael Fisher is a writer, teacher, musician, and podcaster from New Jersey. He holds an MFA in creative writing from Rosemont College and teaches writing at Rowan University. With his wife, Angela Harmon, he co-hosts A Podcast for Christmas. In addition to BSR, his essays and criticism have been published by Phindie, Rock Music Studies, and the Journal of Beatles Studies.

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Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg talk the talk, but does Woody Allen walk the walk? (Photo courtesy of Lionsgate Films)

'Café Society,' directed by Woody Allen

Too much foam, not enough java

In Woody Allen's 'Café Society,' love looks the same whether you're climbing up or down the social ladder.
Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher

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A friend betrayed: Cannavale and Essandoh. (all photos © 2015 HBO)

'Vinyl' on HBO

Deep tracks

Vinyl is Scorsese at his most Scorsese. Unfortunately, the master offers little that we haven’t seen before.
Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher

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Book cover: title above in chunky blue cursive; abstract swathes of blue and green frame a silhouette of a woman in a bonnet.

blue: season, by Chris Lombardi

The gendered lines of genius

Philly novelist Chris Lombardi tackles the legacy of James Joyce—and perhaps all creative, eccentric people who have the benefit of being men—in this intricate novel, casting new eyes on Joyce’s daughter Lucia. Michael R. Fisher reviews.
Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher

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