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Matt Bevilacqua


BSR Contributor Since January 11, 2016

Matt Bevilacqua is a reporter and editor living in Philadelphia.

Matt Bevilacqua is a founding editor at SPOKE magazine, a print and online quarterly about bicycle politics, policy, and culture in Philadelphia. His work has previously appeared in Next City, Philadelphia City Paper, and elsewhere. He likes to lurk and occasionally run his mouth on Twitter.

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Vox Pop's home on 11th Street: Refuge from commercial pressures?

Should artists run their own galleries?

Stayin’ alive (and stayin’ creative)

What draws artists to Philadelphia? The relatively low cost of living is one obvious answer. But so is the prevalence of co-ops— galleries where artists themselves have a stake in the ownership of the business.
Matt Bevilacqua

Matt Bevilacqua

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Performance Garage has hosted dance and theater in Spring Garden since 2002.

Performance Garage gets city grant

A $500,000 grant from the city will help Performance Garage with much-needed upgrades.
Matt Bevilacqua

Matt Bevilacqua

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Sam Raimi's 'Army of Darkness' will screen at CineMug on October 19.
Catch Chris Rock in outer space, down on the Delaware, when 'The Fifth Element' screens at FringeArts on August 16.
David Lynch's 'Blue Velvet' screens at CineMug on July 20.
Thirty years later, is there anything eerily familiar about 'The Running Man'?
2014 Derby riders meet an enthusiastic crowd at the mud pit. (Photo courtesy of New Kensington CDC.)
There are two chances coming up to see 'Fire Walk With Me,' the 'Twin Peaks' prequel film, on the big screen.
Catch 'Repo Man' at PhilaMOCA on April 15.
'Unleashed' opens the Women's Film Festival at the Kimmel on March 16.
A packed Secret Cinema screening at the Institute for Contemporary Art. (Photo by Silvia Hortelano-Pelaez.)
Catch John Travolta in 1981's 'Blow Out" at Ritz at the Bourse's Midnight Madness screening on February 24.
Catch 2004's 'Team America: World Police' on January 19 at CineMug.
No eating after midnight. (For the Gremlins, not you. There's a lot of leftovers to get through.)
Just in time for Black Friday, a classic critique of American consumerism. 'Dawn of the Dead' screens November 25.