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Marge Murray is a writer who lives in Center City Philadelphia.

Marge Murray is a Philadelphia-based writer who is working on a book about Karin Larsson, the mother of modern Swedish design and the wife of Sweden's most beloved painter, Carl.In the past she has specialized in scientific writing and editing, research, education and workshops, as well as academic writing for non-native speakers who wish to publisher their findings in English speaking journals.

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Patrick J. Kennedy's 'A Common Struggle'

Code of silence, circle of shame

By speaking out and speaking up about mental illness and alcoholism in families, Patrick J. Kennedy is helping those of us who still feel shame, yet live with the fear of what these conditions will do to future generations if we keep silent.

Marge Murray

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Julia Roberts and "Eat, Pray, Love'

Julia Roberts confronts mature womanhood

Eat Pray Love is a forgettable work of escapist fantasy. But its star, Julia Roberts, is evolving in the opposite direction: from bimbo to mature woman with real brains and real-life problems.

Marge Murray

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Larsson: Scourge of the right.

Stieg Larsson's Swedish feminist heroine (1st comment)

Sweden's darker side, and a feminist avenging angel

What Ingmar Bergman did for Swedish private life— that is, expose its dark side— Larsson did for Swedish public life. His novels expose corruption and sexism in high places and provide a uniquely believable but heroic female figure to combat them.

Marge Murray

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Shibe Park, circa 1945: Fringe benefits for the neighbors.

The Phillies and my father: A memoir

They warmed my heart, and broke my father's

My father rarely missed a Phillies game, even during spring training. Year after year, they broke his heart. When I imagine how happy he'd be with this year's team, I miss him more than ever.

Marge Murray

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Nicks: An unlikely outlet for repressed emotions.

Gay men and their diva role models

The diva connection: Why gay men revere iconic women

Many gay men lack male role models as they grow up, so they often turn to women for the pluck to survive in a hostile world. In My Diva, 65 exceptional gay men write paeans to the exceptional women who inspired them to forge ahead. Unlike much gay literature, this anthology should appeal to anyone (gay or straight) whose dreams have been squelched for fear of parental or communal condemnation.

Marge Murray

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Branagh as Wallander: Stuck in the welfare state.

"Wallander': Swedish noir on PBS

For whom Kurt Wallander's bell tolls

Kurt Wallander— complex, intuitive, sad and self-loathing— is the Swedish detective, created by Henning Mankell, whose saga is being presented by PBS in a three-piece series starring Kenneth Branagh. He's also a walking personification of the discontents of modern industrial democracies— Sweden's as well as our own.

Marge Murray

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