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Lance Manion is an author who lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Visit his website at

Lance Manion is the author of four short story collections: Merciful Flush, Results May Vary, The Ball Washer and his latest, Homo sayswhaticus. He contributes to many online flash fiction sites and blogs daily on his website He was born to neither run nor be wild and finds the na at the end of banana as annoying as you would if it were bananana. The only time he would ever want to hear the words "Here comes Honey Boo Boo" is if he were working at a morgue.

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Pitt in 'World War Z': Crisis of originality.

Brad Pitt's apocalypse: "World War Z'

Hands off my zombies, Brad!

The movie version of World War Z glosses over the zombies that made the book interesting and replaces them with derivative action sequences. It was almost painful to watch the bastardization of a genre so near and dear to my heart.
Lance Manion

Lance Manion

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What I learned from "Rocky Horror'

A would-be faggot comes of age: How Rocky Horror changed my life

I wasn't gay in high school, but I was a freak— and The Rocky Horror Picture Show endowed my circle of freaks with a transcendent sense of our value. Or was it the other way around?
Lance Manion

Lance Manion

Articles 5 minute read