Sarah, a white woman with curly hair, in a silk jacket sans pants, sits nonchalantly on the floor on pink backdrop.

Sarah Knittel

BSR Contributor Since August 24, 2023

Sarah Knittel (she/her) is a performer, event producer, festival co-founder, and award-winning clown. She runs a monthly variety show called HELLRIDE. For info on shows and hotness, follow on Instagram @sarahhmonster.

Sarah Knittel is a theater artist, festival co-founder, event producer, and clown. She helped found Free Fringe Philly festival, increasing access to Fringe work in Philadelphia by eliminating costs and ticket prices while supporting the artists. Free Fringe Philly won a coveted arts spot on the Best Of 2021 list from Philly Magazine. Sarah’s stage presence has been called “the work of a pro, fearlessly engaging the audience from start to finish, until we are all practically co-stars, or at least co-conspirators” (Broad Street Review), and hailed by Phindie among the “Philly Actors Who Are Better Than You (at acting). She created Ben Franklin Sex Party and Nightmare Fuel, a brutal clown show, which won Cincinnati Fringe’s 2019 Spirit of the Fringe Award, as well as receiving support from 1812’s Jilline Ringle Fund. It garnered four stars in Edinburgh Fringe and was lauded as “a quintessential niche fringe experience” by the Wee Review. Sarah produces a multitude of events throughout Philadelphia, including a monthly variety experience called HELLRIDE. Most recently, Sarah wrote and starred in a series of horror comedy shorts called HELLTOWN, now out on YouYube. Find her on Instagram at @sarahhmonster

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Knittel, wearing neon green zebra leggings, tussles with laughing audience members while falling on her back during a show.

Dive into the 2023 Philly Fringe Festival with avant-garde necromancer Sarah Knittel

Philly Fringe 2023: How did we get here?

Sarah Knittel—not a Fringe queen, but certainly a mage or wicked-cool duke—gets us ready for the 2023 fest by sharing her Fringe journey as a self-producing artist.
Sarah Knittel

Sarah Knittel

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