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Kelly George is a doctoral candidate at Temple University's program in Mass Media and Communication. She lives in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia.

Kelly George is a doctoral candidate at Temple University's program in Mass Media and Communication. She teaches courses in Public Speaking, Media & Society, and Communication & Public Life. Her current research examines controversies surrounding the emergence of disability history into the public consciousness.

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PIFA's "Time Machine' at the Kimmel Center

Brave new world

Is that a “Time Machine” dominating the Kimmel Center's lobby? Or is it Big Brother? What's the proper balance between art and marketing?

Kelly George

Essays 3 minute read
Justin Jain, Bi Jean Ngo, Steve Pacek: Brave new world of parental abandonment.

Theatre Confetti's "Edith Can Shoot Things'

What parents don't know about adolescents

For once, here's a play about adolescence that's aimed at adults rather than teenagers.

Kelly George

Articles 2 minute read
Fredrick: Laughing with him or at him?

Quintessence Theatre's "Diary of a Madman'

Send in the clowns (and the shrinks, too)

Who among us has not allowed our fantasies and obsessions to get the best of us from time to time? But this updating of Gogol's short story treats the protagonist not as everyman or even as a clown, but as a diagnosis.

Kelly George

Articles 5 minute read
If 150 Philadelphians can dance together...

Sylvain Émard's Grand Continental at Live Arts Festival

What Barack and Mitt could learn from the Fringe

In Le Grand Continental, ordinary citizens achieved the impossible. Is there a lesson here for local and national governments?

Kelly George

Articles 1 minute read
Richard Poe, Anthony Lawton in 'Tide': What's so bad about dependence? (Photo: Mark Garvin.)

Bruce Graham's "Outgoing Tide,' by PTC (2nd comment)

That ‘Better off dead' mindset, reconsidered

Bruce Graham's The Outgoing Tide buys into a widespread assumption: that people with Alzheimer's disease are better off dead. How and where can a dissenting theatergoer voice her objection?

Kelly George

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