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Julius Ferraro


BSR Contributor Since November 26, 2009

Julius Ferraro, an actor and freelance writer, lives in Southampton, Pa.

Julius graduated with a bachelor's in English and a minor in theater from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York, where he was fortunate enough to preside over the student theater group and experience the excitement of collaborative arts. He currently lives in exile in Bucks County and peers towards Philly for his next step forward.

Visit his blog at francesandjune.blogspot.com.

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Baynes, Martin: Even the audience isn't safe. (Phengo Photography.)

"Sweeney Todd' in Wilmington

Clothes make the killer

Is Sweeney Todd growing too familiar? Michael Gray's new conception of Stephen Sondheim's horror musical focuses on its cast of desperate and volatile characters rather than its time and place. It's like seeing the show for the first time.
Julius Ferraro

Julius Ferraro

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Giddings: Why not a one-woman show?

"boom' by Flashpoint Theatre

The end of the world (and a better idea)

Biology nerd meets nihilist, comet meets planet, and there's a middle-aged woman pulling the levers. Peter Sinn Nachtrieb's boom is often very funny, but the credit belongs to the actors, not his pretentious script.
Julius Ferraro

Julius Ferraro

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Swidey (left), Greene: A family play?

Beckett's "Endgame' by EgoPo (3rd review)

Beckett's vision, expanded

Purists object to setting a European work like Endgame in a cluttered South Jersey basement. But EgoPo's idiosyncratic interpretation brings a fresh vision to Beckett's classic: It's no longer about post-nuclear holocaust but foremost a personal play of family relationships gone to rot but still clinging.
Julius Ferraro

Julius Ferraro

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'Something With Wings': Highly physical storytelling. (Photo: David Miranda.)

Fringe/LiveArts Festival post-mortem

Up with movement, down with moralism: Three trends at the Fringe/Live Arts festival

For one invigorating month, the Fringe/Live Arts Festival nudged commercial and community theaters out of the spotlight to remind Philadelphians of the awesome possibilities of experimental theater and dance. Still, in such a diverse set of artists, the works I saw tended to follow three trends, for better or for worse.
Julius Ferraro

Julius Ferraro

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