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Josette Bonafino


BSR Contributor Since December 31, 1969

Josette Bonafino is executive director of Multicultural Youth eXchange in Philadelphia.

Josette Bonafino is the founder and director of Culture Quest Tours (, an educational tour company that specializes in custom-tailored travel programs. She is also the co-founder and executive director of MYX: Multicultural Youth eXchange (, a nonprofit organization that uses the arts to help youth explore cultural diversity and social issues relevant to all people.

A native Philadelphian and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Josette is currently pursuing a Teaching Artists Certificate at the University of the Arts. She has previously been published in Language Magazine, Teach and Travel, Student Group Tour Magazine and

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'We'll just have to wear last year's swim suit again this year.'

Iceland's lesson for Americans

Financial crisis in Iceland? Party on!

The global recession hit Iceland much harder than it hit America. And it's colder and darker there to begin with. So why do Icelanders seem so much happier than we are?
Josette Bonafino

Josette Bonafino

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