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Joseph Glantz is a former lawyer who works as a marketing consultant and writer. His book, Philadelphia Originals, was published by Schiffer Publishing in 2009. He writes a column called Interviews with the Famously Departed. Joe lives in Bucks County., PA.

Joseph Glantz practiced law in Bucks County with his father, Sam, for close to 15 years. He worked for AT&T as a computer programmer for over 5 years. Merging his legal, technical and writing skills, Joe now provides marketing advice to lawyers, doctors, and nonprofits.

In 2009, he wrote Philadelphia Originals, a 300-page book with hundreds of images by Philadelphia artists. The book profiles the unique styles and traditions of Philadelphia's most notable professions. It was supported with a grant by the Thomas Skelton Harrison Foundation. An offshoot of the book, Philadelphia Before You Were Born, profiles the art and artists of the Philadelphia Press newspaper during the last decade (the 1890s) that newspapers used illustrators instead of photographers.

He writes a humor/education column titled Interviews with the Famously Departed for the Wild River Review, an online literary magazine. Past interviews include Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Abigail Adams, and G. K. Chesterton

Joe also interviews current creative Philadelphians. Interviews include the Broad Street Review's own Dan Rottenberg, Beth Kephart, Sam Katz, and street photographer Michael Penn.

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Teddy Roosevelt gets his daily dose. (Photo by Creative Commons/Wikimedia)

Reading habits of the presidents

We now know which presidents read music, but do they read books?

Inspired by Dan Rottenberg's examination of our musician presidents, Joseph Glantz takes a look at some of our presidents' and presidential candidates' reading and writing habits.
Joseph Glantz

Joseph Glantz

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The Justice Center under construction (photo via

The Bucks County Justice Center

Who is a courthouse for?

As anyone familiar with the Socratic method of legal learning will know, any judging of the new courthouse and any courthouse must begin with the question of who exactly is the building for.
Joseph Glantz

Joseph Glantz

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Not what I meant by “ice-cold blonde”: Matt Leisy and Karen Peakes in “The 39 Steps” (photo by Mark Garvin)

'The 39 Steps' at Bristol Riverside Theatre

Mixing suspense and comedy

The question turns out to be not whether a parody/comedy of The 39 Steps would work, but why did it take until 2005 to produce one?
Joseph Glantz

Joseph Glantz

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Like father, like son: Noah Beery Jr. and James Garner in "The Rockford Files." (Photo by Gene Trindl - © 1978 Gene Trindl - Image courtesy

James Garner: An appreciation

James Garner passed away at 86 as real heroes should: from natural causes, the ultimate ending for a performer who made acting seem so natural.
Joseph Glantz

Joseph Glantz

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