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Joan Myerson Shrager is a Philadelphia artist. Visit her website at

In the past 35 years I made art with conventional art materials as a sculptor, potter and painter. I taught myself to create art on the computer and in the last 13 years, the challenge has been to combine technology with artistry, a complex and difficult process.

My art was exhibited in 9 solo exhibitions and more than 60 juried and invitational shows. My digital work is permanently exhibited at the University of Pennsylvania, cited in 2 art textbooks and is listed on London's Saatchi Gallery website by invitation. Currently I work in a Jewish Museum creating graphics and digital art with a Jewish theme.

My computer paintings are printed on paper, canvas or other materials in sizes ranging from letter to mural size. In addition to original computer paintings I make custom photo montages with personal materials supplied by clients.

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Why so many Jewish artists?

Why so many Jewish artists? The Holocaust connection

Why are there so many Jews in the visual arts? And why now? Is it just a coincidence? Or did the unique experience of the Holocaust engender an unequally unique psyche that looks powerfully inward for self-expression and for an outlet for hidden fears?
Joan Myerson Shrager

Joan Myerson Shrager

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Germantown's stained-glass miracle

Miracle in Germantown: Windows to a new world

In a remarkable stained-glass workshop in an old church in Germantown, streetwise teens developed a whole new way of looking at themselves and each other. And I found an inspiration I'd never experienced in my 40 years as a professional artist.
Joan Myerson Shrager

Joan Myerson Shrager

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