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Jim Tirjan is a writer who lives in Campbell, Calif.

After I retired from working for money in product development and sales in high-tech, I began to follow my curiosity about the origins of Tirjan. I joined a memoir-writing class. Their encouragement inspired me and settled any doubts I had about how to spend the beginning of my retirement. Thus began the book I hope to publish in 2013: Tirjan: What Kind of a Name is That? The Haycock Historical Society Newsletter published two chapters from it in 2012, an exhilarating experience as any new writer knows.

I was born at home in Haycock, near the town of Quakertown, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Lehigh University in 1963. Neither my Lehigh education nor my M.S. in industrial administration from Union College (1968) taught me one damn thing about writing. But my wife, the writer Reed Stevens, has. First, that writing reveals what you didn't know you knew and, second, that it's very hard work.

Once you discover how much fun it is to prowl around in your own mind, you can't stop.

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Jim Tirjan

Jim Tirjan

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