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Jerome Przybylski is a writer who lives in Center City Philadelphia.
Jerome Przybylski is a writer who lives in Center City Philadelphia. He has been published frequently in the Detroit Metro Times.

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Not quite the Mona Lisa, but was that Vermeer's fault?

Was Vermeer’s ‘Young Woman’ a genuine Vermeer?

Can genius be counterfeited?

The great Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer died in poverty, leaving 11 children. Did some imitator touch up that painting at the Art Museum to help his widow settle her debts? Now you too can play art detective.

Jerome Przybylski

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'The City' (1919): A mere mechanic, or a cockeyed optimist?

‘Léger and the Metropolis’ at the Art Museum (1st review)

Greater than the sum of his parts:
How I learned to love Fernand Léger

Viewed individually, Léger’s colorful work is easy to like and hard to love. Only when I stepped back and took in the exhibit on a grand scale did I finally begin to feel the rhythm of Léger’s lines and the vibrancy of his awesome colors.

Jerome Przybylski

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Duchamp's 'Nude Descending a Staircase': Where art and humanity meet.

Art Museum's "Art After Five': How to look at it

Looking at people looking at art: Friday nights at the Art Museum

Friday night is a great time to look at art and at people looking at art. At that hour the Art Museum sheds its persona as a graveyard for dead art and becomes a sacred precinct where art and its human audience revive each other simultaneously.

Jerome Przybylski

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How's it hanging? (Photo by Meg Wolensky)
Jadranka Kosorcic's 2014 portrait of Aleksander Sedlak.
PAFA's Cherry Street walkway (image via Wikimedia Commons)
Mutter College of Physicians 1