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Jennifer MacMillan


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Jennifer MacMillan is a University of Pennsylvania graduate student, artist, educator, and progressive change agent.

Jennifer MacMillan holds a B.F.A. in Theater Arts from the University of the Arts, where she was also a faculty member. She has performed with many Philadelphia theater companies and has produced, directed, told stories, improvised, published, and collaborated within the Philadelphia theater community for the past 15 years. Jennifer is now a graduate mental health counseling student at the University of Pennsylvania with special interests in trauma-informed practice, the study of creativity and resilience, and death/dying. In her free time Jenn enjoys yoga, writing, spending time with animals, and dreaming up the floor plans for a tiny house.

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The annual Philadelphia theater awards are starting to show their age. (Photo via Theatre Philadelphia.)

Can the Barrymore Awards adapt before they die out?

Keeping the Barrymore Awards relevant

When Theatre Philadelphia announced the 2017 Barrymore Award nominations, Jennifer MacMillan asked her friends what was missing. She got a lot of answers — and ideas.
Jennifer MacMillan

Jennifer MacMillan

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