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Jennifer Baldino Bonett is a writer who lives in South Philadelphia.

Welcomat alumna Jennifer Baldino Bonett lives and writes in South Philadelphia. You can find her writing in the Philadelphia Inquirer and on her children's homework.

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A picture worth a thousand words.

Mighty Ryan has struck out

The five stages of baseball grief

Depressed because the Phillies failed to win their third consecutive National League pennant? Broad Street Review's sports therapist will see you now.

Jennifer Baldino Bonett

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My pool, my summer, my community

Mayor Nutter's smartest move: How my neighborhood pool built a community

Despite the recession and Philadelphia's budget crisis, this summer Mayor Nutter opened all 70 of the city's public pools for six weeks. Was this public expense wise? Consider my firsthand experience.

Jennifer Baldino Bonett

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Bennett on cover: Roseanne said it better.

Laura Bennett's "Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?'

Note to supermom: Your hemline is showing

In Didn't I Feed You Yesterday, Laura Bennett sends a sassy, irreverent look at motherhood down the runway. If that sounds familiar, it should: Most of her material is recycled from somewhere else.

Jennifer Baldino Bonett

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Growing up, growing older: Don't you love it?

"Sex and the City 2'

No sex, no city: Why young mothers love this film

This movie-going mom thinks critics should stop whining about Sex and the City 2. I got my mojo boost from seeing four of modern America's sexiest women falling into the patterns of matrimony and parenthood— my patterns.

Jennifer Baldino Bonett

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Kerth, Barton: What's a Hooverville?

"Annie' shows her age

We know the Depression's depressing….

Annie's recent return to the Merriam provided an inadvertent reminder: The Great Depression has become ancient history, especially when we have a pretty good depression right here and now.

Jennifer Baldino Bonett

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