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Jane Biberman is a writer and editor who lives in the Society Hill section of Philadelphia and Bucks County, Pa.

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Paul Grand, “Union Square Subway Station,” 2000. Kodak Endura paper, New York City.

Paul Grand: Beyond the Surface at the Michener Museum

Grand's illusions

“I’m not the first photographer to shoot walls, but I may be the only one who concentrates on peeling walls,” Paul Grand said. He discovers great beauty in what most people would overlook.

Jane Biberman

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Hecht (left), Light: Unsurprising surprises.

"The Assembled Parties' on Broadway

Terms of estrangement

In Richard Greenberg's witty comedy drama, The Assembled Parties, life doesn't turn out as expected for an extended upper class New York family. But does Greenberg have a substantive message to deliver, or is he just out to entertain us with witty dialogue and plot contrivances?

Jane Biberman

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Allen (left), Shrader: Like a clock gone haywire. (Photo: Johanna Austin.)

Philip Dawkins's "Failure: A Love Story'

A whimsical survival course

Failure: A Love Story is an enchanting poetic fable in which members of the Fail family make the most of life's tragedies by spinning their own narratives to turn back the clock.

Jane Biberman

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Weaver and Durang (above) may be enjoying themselves, but what about me?

Durang's "Vanya and Sonia"¦.' in New York (1st review)

Talk about roads not taken!

The good news is: I scored a ticket to Christopher Durang's sold-out comedy at Lincoln Center. The bad news is: In the evening of my life, I squandered a beautiful fall day when I could have been outdoors walking my dog or riding my horse.

Jane Biberman

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Muffins, no; books, yes.

The little bookshop that could

My own personal librarian

In the age of chain mega-bookstores that entice customers with cappuccino bars and special events, one independent Center City shop has survived the old-fashioned way— with personal attention to its books and its patrons.

Jane Biberman

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Braithwaite (left), Dibble: From Nefertiti to Napoleon.

"The Big Bang' at Kimmel's Innovation Studio

Polonius had the right idea

This endearing musical about two theatrical producers in search of investors is original, funny, blissfully brief and blessed with the comic genius of two quick-change artists, Ben Dibble and Tony Braithwaite.

Jane Biberman

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Kalman by Kalman: Beauty in rubber bands.

Maira Kalman's "Crazy World' at the Jewish Museum in NY

Maira Kalman's stealth profundity

Maira Kalman finds strange analogies and metaphors in everything from boxes to kitchen sinks. Of course, these somewhat childlike, naÓ¯ve paintings and perceptions are actually highly sophisticated.

Jane Biberman

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Hodge, Riopelle: Quick-change artists. (Photo: Mark Garvin.)

Hitchcock's '39 Steps' at the Walnut (2nd review)

Teaching Hitchcock a thing or two

Alfred Hitchcock's 1935 thriller, The 39 Steps, wasn't his greatest film, but it's a perfect vehicle for a spoof. Patrick Barlow's adaptation is part vaudeville, part farce, and always hilarious.

Jane Biberman

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Jennifer Barnhart as Officer Osteen: I felt invested in their fate.

Tracy Letts's "Superior Donuts' at the Arden (4th review)

The secret ingredient is heart

What distinguishes this play is its humanity. I cared about the characters, and that's all too rare in contemporary theater.

Jane Biberman

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'Whatever Magic': Doves, wise words, bright colors, warm hearts.

Sam Maitin's prints at Woodmere Art Museum

An artist and his community

The late Sam Maitin's dedication to both art and social causes is legendary. The Woodmere Art Museum's current show, recently expanded, offers a precious opportunity to revisit an artist whose signature colorful paintings, murals, sculptures and posters were integral to Philadelphia's cultural life.

Jane Biberman

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Redgrave, Jones: Changing times.

"Driving Miss Daisy' in New York

Pride and prejudice in the emerging South

Why spend money on seats that cost many times the price of the DVD? To see three of the finest actors of our times share a stage and work their own particular magic on Alfred Uhry's classic.

Jane Biberman

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Portman: Anorexic and anxious, and what else is new?

"Black Swan': a ballet/horror film (1st review)

And you thought ballet was a tough career

Black Swan purports to be a film about ballet. Is ballet really this vulgar, violent and tasteless?

Jane Biberman

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Pinion, Kreeger, Torres: Can’t escape history. (Photo: Ashley Anderson.)

Guy Glass's "Last Castrato' in New York

His master's voice

The Last Castrato sheds light on an important chapter of musical history, one that's as fascinating as it is complex. Playwright Glass, a practicing psychiatrist by day, uses a reform moment in the Catholic Church, circa 1904, to examine the issues of art, music, gender and posterity.

Jane Biberman

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DelMarcelle (right) with Ann Gundersheimer: Mismatched costumes.

Lantern Theatre's "Uncle Vanya' (3rd review)

Must boredom be boring?

When a play focuses on a family, great ensemble acting is required if the audience is to believe that the characters are related. This mishmash failed that test.

Jane Biberman

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Hutchison, Sisto: Ghosts in the skies.

Beau Willimon's "Spirit Control' in New York

One moment that changes everything

In Spirit Control, the high drama of an airport tower fades as a controller picks up the pieces years later. He's haunted by a tragedy; I was haunted by the aftermath.

Jane Biberman

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