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Frank Burd is a director and writer with strong ties to the Philadelphia theater scene.

Frank Burd is a director and writer with strong ties to the Philadelphia theater scene.

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Finding heart and humor in living with dementia: Natalie Carter and André Ward in ‘Dot.’ (Photo by Mark Garvin.)

People’s Light presents Colman Domingo’s ‘Dot’

Dementia and the family

A West Philly family comes home to learn that its matriarch is living with dementia, in the regional premiere of Colman Domingo's 'Dot' at People's Light. Frank Burd reviews.

Frank Burd

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From left: Nancy Boykin, Carla Belver, and Jing Xu sip wine and chat. (Photo by Mark Garvin)

Arden Theatre Company presents Annie Baker's 'John' (first review)

Three acts, little action

Arden Theatre Company presents Pulitzer-Prize-winning playwright Annie Baker's 'John,' but reviewer Frank Burd thinks it deserves a "Dear John" letter.

Frank Burd

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Men talking about men, women, and God: Hobbs and Wallace. (Photo by Mark Garvin)

August Wilson's 'Two Trains Running' at the Arden (first review)

The many meanings of 'race'

Two Trains Running presents no simple description or prescription about the challenges of being a black man at a pivotal time in history. Set in the diner of one Memphis Lee, Wilson’s play presents six men whose varied experiences give us a full look at the times.

Frank Burd

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Huynh and Zinkel: Taking stock of family dysfunction. (Photo by Mark Garvin)

'Auctioning the Ainsleys' at People's Light

A silly comedy

Like The Glass Menagerie, Auctioning the Ainsleys is about a dysfunctional family, but Laura Schellhardt’s play about memory presents these grown children in a comic light.

Frank Burd

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A sweet cacophony of the yearnings of men and women: Krista Apple-Hodge as Psyche and Brandon Pierce as Eros. (Photo by Mark Garvin)

Mary Zimmerman's 'Metamorphoses' at the Arden (first review)

Transforming Ovid into a fascinating night of theater

I thought I had an inkling of what Metamorphoses was about. Wasn’t that the title of a book by Kafka about a man who wakes up one morning to discover he’s transformed into an insect? Well, that is not this show.

Frank Burd

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In evening wear in a luxurious hotel suite, the characters react differently to something that one is reading on a smartphone

Act II Playhouse presents Terence McNally’s It’s Only a Play

Waiting on the reviews

The review is in for Act II's It's Only a Play, the show about theater artists waiting to hear the critics' opinions. Frank Burd reviews.

Frank Burd

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