Headshot of Eileen Fay, a white woman with brown hair, glasses, and flower-shaped earrings. Her face is somber.

Eileen L. Fay

BSR Contributor Since June 2, 2024

Eileen L. Fay (she/her) is a writer living in Wilmington, DE. She has her master's in library & information science from Drexel University.

Eileen L. Fay is an employee of Huxley & Hiro bookstore in Wilmington, DE. Originally from Rochester, NY, she has her master’s degree in library & information science from Drexel University.

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The book cover. In hazy purple distance, the Philly skyline; in the foreground, a desert with a car & parking meter at right.

Early Sobrieties, by Michael Deagler

Explore the process

This debut novel from award-winning writer Michael Deagler follows a young man fighting for sobriety in South Philly, learning that it’s not transformation, but a daily process. Eileen L. Fay reviews.
Eileen Fay

Eileen Fay

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