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Chris Predmore


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Born in the turbulent '60s, Chris was introduced very young to reading by his paternal grandmother. From there, it was a small jump to writing articles for school publications and private newsletters and, later, his first novel. He lives in the southern tier of New York State surrounded by nature.

Chris has an educational background that includes all sorts of writing, from screen to creative to magazine. In grade school, he wrote articles, many quite satirical, for school publications. Later, he wrote a tongue-in-cheek advice column for a role-playing-game related publication. Throughout his life, he has written a grand amount of poetry, ever the romantic; only recently has he gathered it into an anthology that he self-published through Amazon in both e-book format and in paperback.

His interests are many and varied, ranging from horror novels and movies, to fantasy role-playing games to cooking, baking, and even jewelry creation. He will turn his hand to pretty much any creative endeavor, or so it seems, including, it seems, an attempt to write the great American novel.

He would like to collect enough recipes for a cookbook as well and perhaps, in the future, teach a class on the culinary arts.

Beauty, emotion, and science seem to collide often in his life and in his writing, three things where at least one of them doesn't belong, but if you keep reading, he will prove to you that they can and indeed must often work together, enhancing the living experience for all.

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Women working together to bring down the villain: Ritter, Taylor. (Photo by Myles Aronowitz/Netflix)

'Jessica Jones' on Netflix

The future of female superheroes (maybe)

The only thing more deadly than superheroine Jessica Jones's strength is her quick, very snide sense of humor.
Chris Predmore

Chris Predmore

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Holly and mistletoe

Happy holidays!

I split the holiday into the three parts to reflect the different aspects of my being: spirituality, family, and crass materialism.
Chris Predmore

Chris Predmore

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Like mother, like daughter: Agnes Moorehead and Elizabeth Montgomery in “Bewitched.” (© 1964, 1965, renewed 1992, 1993 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Witches in popular culture

Witches didn't disappear in the modern era — they're still alive and well in popular culture.
Chris Predmore

Chris Predmore

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Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges in “The Fisher King” (Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images - © 2012 Getty Images)

Remembering Robin Williams (four)

Goodbye, Robin

I feel deeply for Robin Williams’s family and their devastating loss, but selfishly I feel even more bereft at my own loss.
Chris Predmore

Chris Predmore

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Jonathan Hyde as Eldritch Palmer in "The Strain."  (© Copyright 2014, FX Networks. All rights reserved.)

Vampires through the years

Nightmares of the past reborn

Vampires have changed through the ages, as has their meaning, both on the surface and in subtext. This is a look at these mythical beings through a pop culture lens.
Chris Predmore

Chris Predmore

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