Chelsea Spear

Chelsea Spear


BSR Contributor Since March 16, 2021

Chelsea Spear (she/her) is a frequent contributor to the Arts Fuse and Crooked Marquee, and her bylines have also appeared at the Gay & Lesbian Review, Belt Magazine, Star, and Scalawag. She lives in Massachusetts.

Chelsea Spear explores the intersection of mass media with music and underground culture. She’s a frequent contributor to the Arts Fuse, where she reviews books about music and pop culture, and Crooked Marquee, where she writes about the role of music in film. Her byline has also appeared at Belt Magazine, the Gay & Lesbian Review, Scalawag, and Star She lives in Massachusetts.

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A deeply poignant read in its own right, as well as a reminder of what we’re missing because of COVID. (Image courtesy of Bazillion Points.)

‘I’m Not Holding Your Coat’ by Nancy Barile

A valentine to the pre-internet punk scene

Since the pandemic has left us longing for live music, Nancy Barile’s new punk-scene memoir, ‘I’m Not Holding Your Coat,’ is an especially welcome window on a bygone musical era. Chelsea Spear reviews.
Chelsea Spear

Chelsea Spear

Reviews 5 minute read