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Candy Kean is a public school teacher in Philadelphia.

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In theory, it looks so easy to teach first graders.

When a teacher plays ‘counselor’

Report from the front lines: Am I a teacher or a therapist?

My first-grade student was poking her leg with a staple. My school— like nearly all Philadelphia public schools in this financially strapped season— lacks a full-time counselor. This meant that, for a little bit, I would have to change hats and become the counselor, to the neglect of my other kids.

Candy Kean

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Juanita had greatness within her. She also had an unstable mother.

A Philadelphia teacher’s lost students

A schoolteacher’s lament: Save the children— from their parents

When two of my students slipped through the cracks, I was helpless to rescue them. And this was before the Philadelphia School District’s current financial crisis.

Candy Kean

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Good morning, fourth graders— or are you first graders?

School budget cuts: A view from the front lines

Suffer, little children: A Philadelphia teacher's tale

Philadelphia's School District must slash its budget again. In abstract terms, that sounds onerous. But how does it actually affect children and teachers? As one of the latter, allow me to provide a firsthand illustration.

Candy Kean

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With children and their families, some things can't be measured.

Test scores: A teacher's tale

The worst, or the best? A school teacher's tale

As the school year ended, I was summoned to see the principal. Our preliminary PSSA scores have come out, and my class did terribly, and so I am to blame. It doesn't matter if your kids have learning issues or attendance issues. All that matters is their scores.

Candy Kean

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