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Becca Kaplan is a theater director and producer who lives in Philadelphia's University City neighborhood.

Becca Kaplan is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Communications. I am chair of a student-run theater company, Front Row Theatre Co., and have directed and produced a variety of shows for them. Currently I am working at some Philadelphia theaters and film companies.

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Ijames (left), Greer: Like a blind man at the end of the world.

Beckett's "Endgame' at the Arden (3rd review)

Beckett for a new century

Beckett's Endgameā€” an often baffling intellectual relic of the ā€˜50sā€” can be off-putting to a young theatergoer like me. The Arden production bridged the generation gap with brilliant performances and a mesmerizing set that created a genuine sense of sensory deprivation.

Becca Kaplan

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