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Andrew Kevorkian is a public-relations consultant and a free-lance writer who lives in West Philadelphia after living and working for many years in London.

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Look who was in the screening room.

Ben Urwand’s ‘The Collaboration’

Hitler and Hollywood: Six degrees of separation

I’ve just finished reading a remarkable book— and all sorts of links started coming into my mind. It's the story of Hollywood’s obscene collaboration with Germany in the 1930s— one in a chain of collaborations from the Armenian genocide to the Holocaust.

Andrew Kevorkian

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Drexel blood flowed through her delicate but determined veins.

Memories of Philadelphia's countess

Our lady in London: The countess who saved Franklin's last house

Lady Mary Bessborough was a native Philadelphian, a British countess and above all a woman with a sense of history in the best meaning of that term.

Andrew Kevorkian

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'I can't get a handle on this composing software.'

New light on Beethoven's Fifth

The pedestrian truth about Beethoven's Fifth

Where do musicians find their inspiration? A letter from Beethoven to his musicologist second cousin Moishe Gunzburg, recently discovered in a closet in my West Philadelphia apartment, sheds new and startling light on the origins of the great composer's most famous symphony.

Andrew Kevorkian

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Fighting Future Wars

President Bush is hiring private firms in Iraq for "security" purposes. Why not take this idea to its logical extreme by privatizing war altogether?

Andrew Kevorkian

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607 Carreras

Pavarotti vs. Carreras

My brilliant brother Jack thought Pavarotti was the best tenor around. It was one of the few points on which I questioned his judgment and held my ground.

Andrew Kevorkian

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What's in an art donor's mind?

When the spinster donated her collection to New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, her intentions seemed crystal-clear. Then the Met's lawyers got into the act. A distant mirror for the debate over Albert Barnes's intentions?

Andrew Kevorkian

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