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KC Wingert

BSR Contributor Since January 4, 2022

KC Wingert is a media and culture writer based in Mount Airy.

KC Wingert is a Philly native whose work largely focuses a Marxist-feminist lens on popular media and culture. KC received her BA in Media Studies and Production from Temple University in 2016 and more recently completed an MA in Film and Media Studies from University College London, where she specialized in the sociology of media and the study of reality television and documentary film. Her interests have taken her from Philly to Los Angeles to London, working in graphic design, print journalism, film and television production, and marketing. Currently, KC is a marketing copywriter in the financial services industry and is working on her first podcast, about American purity culture and the vampire media craze of the early 2000s. In her spare time, KC binges her favorite early-2000s reality shows.

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