Sid Schechter

Sid Schechter has spent more than 35 years as a marketing and business strategist for corporations, TV networks, magazines, professional sports leagues, colleges, and not-for-profit organizations throughout the United States and more than 15 countries. He has developed sales and marketing programs for large global brands such as IBM, Nike, NBA, Reebok, Gatorade, Procter and Gamble, and Pfizer. He also created integrated sales promotional campaigns for media outlets including ESPN, SELF Magazine, Magazine, TNT, CBS, MTV, and HBO.

Sid is a native of Brooklyn, New York, and received his B.A. from Brooklyn College and his M.A. from Temple University. He spent four years as Temple’s director of recreation services before launching a 20-year career with Manhattan-based National Media Group, a boutique sports and entertainment agency. A series of business ventures followed including the launch of several consumer services businesses and ownership of the World Trade Center Fort Lauderdale.   

In 2013, Sid launched Silverwood Consulting to bring C-Level business planning and management expertise to small and midsized companies.  As part of Silverwood Consulting, Sid serves as publisher at Broad Street Review, where he is focused on bringing arts and culture content contributors together with readers and complementary organizations in a self-sustaining business structure.