BSR Scripts and Sips: James Ijames’s ‘History of Walking’

It's the end of the world as we know it

A presidential election. The Democrats' campaign is on fire, but not in the good way. 

It was a grand old party. (Illustration for BSR by Hannah Kaplan.)

What fools these mortals be

Meanwhile, the candidate's sister meets a guy online and they fall in love and destroy things. A political strategist talks to a messiah and has some fun with a dominatrix. A conservative radio host becomes a prophet and meets the woman with whom he will spend the rest of his existence. Tina, a waitress at the Flip N Stack, loses three precious parts of her life.

This play explores the role of violence in our future as a culture, how we can discover the humanity in humans, and how we can survive with out killing each other. Kinda big, right? Oh... and the water is rising.


Old-Fashioned Pipe Bomb

Serve in a champagne flute:

A shot of bourbon, 

A dash of bitters,

A few ice cubes,

A maraschino cherry

Top with champagne and a wedge of orange.


Click below for the History of Walking script

History of Walking, by James Ijames

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