QUEERSPACE brings the weird and wonderful to Philly’s punk spaces

Singer Jordyn Kramer has always celebrated the weird, in performance, and in life. Perhaps nothing exemplifies that better than QUEERSPACE, a variety and burlesque show happening August 26 at Tattooed Mom.

QUEERSPACE was first conceived at the Rocket Cat Café as an event that would reflect what Kramer wanted to see happen in Philadelphia. “I wanted to see a richer and more open and vibrant queer community in Philly and more weird, raw, real performance art being made, and those weirdos making it getting paid,” she says. “I want to ultimately change the climate of the whole world in terms of people's self-acceptance and acceptance of each other.”

Celebrating our weirdness

That belief in change to which Kramer is so committed is at the heart of QUEERSPACE’s mission. “QUEERSPACE has big-picture goals,” Kramer explains. “QUEERSPACE is a harbinger for big change. A safe space. A fun place. Creating an environment citywide where people are celebrating their weirdness and the weirdness of others. This is not just an entertaining show. This is aimed at being revolutionary.”

Everything about QUEERSPACE embodies that spirit, of pushing boundaries and defying expectations. The performers who participate in the event respond to Kramer’s announcements, expanding that community of weird, wonderful artists that Kramer hopes to bring forth. The venue, too, has its role. Tattooed Mom, which Kramer describes as a “punk icon,” regularly hosts music and performance events that celebrate the street art aesthetic. It is “a hub for art and fun and free expression.”

Kramer’s work has always been about exactly that — fun and free expression. The Philadelphia native describes herself as being “from outer space,” and her one-woman show, THE JORDYN SHOW, aims to “bring the danger back into music.” Within that journey, she has worked with musicians Darryl McDaniels (DMC), Zukhan Bey, Troi Irons, and DJ Adam McLeer of Lordz of Brooklyn, and has performed in music videos, films, live events, and fashion shows.

“Transcendental orgasms”

“I want my shows to be transcendental orgasms that lift my audience for the rest of their lives,” Kramer says. “I intend to tour the entire globe and maybe even outer space before my mission is complete.”

The first QUEERSPACE event was held in July 2016, and the proceeds from the event were donated to One Orlando to support those impacted by the Pulse shooting. The response to the event was very positive, and the show will now be a monthly event. The charitable aspect of the show will continue as well. In this month’s iteration, part of the proceeds will go to Sunday Love, a local charity that provides homeless people with food every week.

Whether Kramer will be performing for alien crowds remains to be seen, but you can catch QUEERSPACE at 7pm on August 26 at Tattooed Mom, 530 South Street, Philadelphia, PA.

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