Meet Philly’s science fiction writers in Rittenhouse Square

The latest issue of 'Asimov's' explores Philly's role in the history of science fiction. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

On March 28, at 1pm, the Rittenhouse Square Barnes and Noble will present a special event spotlighting an issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine that features stories by four Philadelphia authors: Gregory Frost, Michael Swanwick, Fran Wilde, and yours truly, BSR contributor Tom Purdom. The editorial by Asimov’s editor Sheila Williams discusses Philadelphia’s role in the history of science fiction. Sheila will be coming down from New York for the event, and she and the four authors will be happy to chat with interested parties and scrawl autographs in copies of the magazine. Asimov’s has been a major force in the science fiction field for over 35 years, with its authors and editors winning over 100 of the annual awards presented in the field. My novelette, “Day Job,” looks at the future of psychiatry; Fran's short story discusses “How to Walk Through Historic Graveyards in the Post-Digital Age”; and Gregory and Michael have committed a collaboration entitled “Lock Up Your Chickens and Daughters — H’Ard and Andy Are Come to Town!”

You can join the Philadelphia Four and their editor at Barnes and Noble, 18th and Walnut Streets, at 1pm, Saturday March 28. The Philadelphia issue of Asimov’s is a double issue dated April-May, and it’s now on sale for $7.99 at 192 pages. (Autographs are free.)

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