First Person Arts heads to Woodmere to celebrate women

Storyteller Marjorie Winther takes the mic. Photo by Darragh Dandurand.

First Person Arts is coming to Chestnut Hill for Woodmere Art Museum’s first StorySlam. StorySlams with First Person Arts aren’t just storytelling competitions. They’re a chance for attendees to share five-minute slices of their own lives and to listen to others. The Woodmere StorySlam’s theme is “celebrating women,” in conjunction with the museum’s current Women and Biography exhibition, featuring female artists from Woodmere’s permanent collection.

The event will be a mix of curated stories and audience sharing, hosted by 2012 Summer Grand Slam contestant Lansie Sylvia. Storytellers will include standup comic Marjorie Winther, the 2012 First Person Arts Grand Slam winner, and professional investigator Kitty Hailey.

The First Person Arts StorySlam is coming to Woodmere Art Museum, 9201 Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, on Saturday, April 12 from 7-9pm. Tickets are $15 ($10 for Woodmere and First Person Arts members). For more information, visit the First Person Arts website.

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