Corporate culture meets the creative economy with CreativeXchange

CreativeXchange teacher Nathan Pankratz's 2014 'Goethescrocus.' Image via

Business, the law, and technology all have distinctive corporate cultures that include expectations about how people behave, including how they approach problem-solving. These cultures are taught in law schools and MBA programs and inculcated by the existing institutions. Often these behaviors have become institutionalized because they work well.

Sometimes, though, they’re just institutionalized and stay in place because “that’s how we do things.”

However, good leaders in these fields are always looking for new ways to think and act — especially new ways to tackle problem-solving. The Arts and Business Council of Greater Philadelphia has developed a new program, CreativeXchange, to do so, helping professionals learn to think more creatively; understand and tap into multiple points of view; and appreciate and gain access to innovation.

The program will meet on four consecutive Wednesday mornings, with each session taught by a local leader in the creative economy.

Applications are required, with the ideal participant being in a management role and having at least five years of professional experience.

The CreativeXchange program ($1000) is coming up on Wednesday mornings October 14 through November 4 at various locations around the city of Philadelphia. Applications are due by Monday September 28. For more information, contact Tommy Butler at 215-790-3827 or

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