Coming up on Philly music: Vibes of two harps

Mindy Cutcher and Janet Witman will play together at Laurel Hill on July 9. (Image courtesy of Laurel Hill Mansion.)

There’s nothing quite like the sound of two harpists blending and interweaving the unique colors and moods of an instrument that’s been beguiling audiences for over four millennia. At the next Laurel Hill Concert by Candlelight, the principal harpist of the Pennsylvania Ballet, Mindy Cutcher, will join one of her regular partners, Janet Witman, in a program presented in Laurel Hill’s classic chamber-music setting.

The Laurel Hill concerts take place in a real living room in an 18th-century mansion in Fairmount Park. The Women for Greater Philadelphia have been presenting the series for 40 years, and it has become a major summer attraction for Philadelphians who relish the chance to hear chamber music in its natural habitat.

Concerts by Candlelight will present Principally Harps at 6:30pm on Sunday, July 9, at the Laurel Hill Mansion, Randolph Drive, East Fairmount Park. Tickets are $25 and they’re available online or by calling (215) 235-1776.

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