"The Giant Squid' at Fringe Festival

Science of the absurd

Coming soon to a lecture hall near you.
Coming soon to a lecture hall near you.

For almost continuous, non-stop laughing, this very smart physical comedy— a faux science lecture demonstration, set in a real science lecture hall at Drexel University— deserves a Best of Philly Fringe award. It's the work of a crazed crew of comic actors who brought Fringe audiences the well-received Jersey Devil last year. This time they use a variety of theater and multi-media techniques to craft a science of the absurd, as the "class" discovers the life, times and sex life of the 600-ton Architeuthis, which weighs "the same as the Norwegian Parliament" and the study of which contributes to "developments in cancer research, jet propulsion, and wifi technology."

This brilliant comedy allowed a great cast to play with abandon. The horror-comedy ending may have pushed the sex life of squid and scientist beyond the confines of comedy. The Giant Squid was directed by Adrienne Mackey and written by Tim Sawicki with a stellar cast including Robert DaPonte, Leah Walton, Justin Jain, Dave Johnson, Bradley Wrenn and Terry Brennan. These performers warrant a boost into a future Live Arts Festival.

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