Broad Street Review’s launch

First reactions to our first postings, from Nathan Sivin, Margaret Barringer, Clayton Scott, Kit Feldman and Joan Rosen. Plus a more recent reaction from Patrick Hazard

     I have just finished reading the current issue of your new venture. It's the most interesting online periodical I have read in a long time, and its local appeal is only one of its attractions. The piece on the Barnes fiasco was a real breakthrough, and I was delighted to read the retrospect of Bernard Jacobson, a close friend, on Philadelphia musical institutions. Nicely done!

Nathan Sivin

History and Sociology of Science

University of Pennsylvania

January 12, 2006

     Congratulations! This is wonderful, elegant, respectful, informative and inspiring! Thank you for all the work you have done to bring it into our lives. I look forward to keeping up with insider's information from the Broad Street Review in a way now lost to us from other news providers.

Margaret Chew Barringer, Chairman

American Insight

Narberth, Pa.

January 12, 2006

     This is great! I particularly enjoyed Dan Coren's article on Christoph Eschenbach and the article by Daniel Webster on ?Opera Confronts the Survival Question.? This last article I have printed out.

Clayton Scott

Toronto, Ont.

January 12, 2006

     I found your review of Munich quite interesting (perhaps enough to dissuade me from seeing it) and your remembrance of Nancy Sweeten quite touching.

Kit Feldman

Bryn Mawr

January 12, 2006

     Thanks for a great site, especially useful to a non-subscriber to the Inquirer. You've done a terrific job.

Joan Rosen


Feb. 20, 2006

Alan Halpern's PR obit

My daughter Catherine told me about the Broad Street Review, and I hurried off to the local FLOP to take a taste. I started with the editor's PR obit of Alan Halpern. First class opening.

Patrick D.Hazard


Feb. 10, 2006