Why I Didn’t Vote

Dyspeptic reflections on the electoral process

I voted for Barack Obama twice, weeping with relief and unbridled joy when he was first elected.

I didn't vote Tuesday for a number of reasons.

First, it's a rigged game all the way around. The simple, unvarnished truth that no one responsible for the financial disaster that left so many Americans impoverished and homeless has spent one minute in jail underlines to me the fact that the so-called one-percenters are firmly in charge and actively soldifying an unassailable base of power. These Masters of the Universe go merrily about their business of distancing themselves from us mere financial mortals by hook and mostly crook. The guys who fucked up the world's economy are now in Washington spending trillions of the dollars we don't have to bail themselves out.

In China, they would have long since been safely in unmarked graves, rewarded with a bullet in the back of the head. We can't even bring them to trial.

Second, the disgrace that is Congress. These hyenas see their main job as getting re-elected. Their ancillary job is hating the opposing party to the point that they seriously considered running America off the proverbial financial cliff. If hating were patriotism, Washington would be awash in Thomas Paines. The only thing hatred doesn't trump in our capital is greed. Also, a majority of our congress are lawyers, and you know what Shakespeare said to do with all the lawyers.

Third, I give you Chris Christie and Tom Corbett, a corpulent bully and a flannel-mouth hack, respectively. If all the fat people in America vote for him, Christie is our next president. Instead of the American flag on his lapel, he should be wearing the Golden Arches. He should recruit ex-Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito as his Secretary of Bullying to handle his light work like telling teachers who have the temerity to question him to “Do your job!” Incognito, a master of the art, could bring spitting in people's faces to the political arena.

Corbett has always looked to me like he would steal a hot stove, as the old saying goes. And that stove would be heated by the natural gas that Corbett is making available to anyone with a campaign contribution.

The very fact that these creeps are governors says a lot about our electoral system and my non-participation.

By now, I can hear the true believers saying that we can turn these rascals out at the ballot box. Not really, folks. The alternatives seem to be more of the same. Barbara Buono, running against Christie in New Jersey, was ex-governor Jon Corzine's squeeze and her skirts are about as clean as his current reputation.

So God bless you if you voted, you believers in truth, justice, and the American way. Lenny Bruce said it best: in the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.

The next time I vote will be when Charles Barkley runs for office.

Our readers respond

Joseph Glantz

of Levittown, PA on November 08, 2013

While I agree with many of Bob Ingram's points, the Shakespeare reference (from "Henry the Sixth, Part II") is actually the reverse.
When his character Dick says, ""The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers," Shakespeare meant that when a tyrant who doesn't respect democracy becomes king, the first thing he'll do is get rid of the people who protect democracy. It's a pro-lawyer reference, not the reverse.

Ravdin Zimmerman

of Deering, NH on November 08, 2013

What a sharp understanding Bob Ingram has on our "American political system" with its complete corruption, screwing the average person and how the moneyed class of both parties rule.
Yes, the Tea Partiers is happy to destroy our country, but we are too stupid to make our voices heard by our lack of knowledge or caring enough. Bob is a real truth seeker and a pleasure to read. I always look forward to his insights into all aspects of our culture.

Lawrence Balthasar

of Los Osos, CA on November 10, 2013

Nice to see that an old homeboy has made good— i.e., I agree with your analysis of our current malady
I am now intrigued by this Charles Barkley. Is he still alive? Can we really vote for him?
Perhaps there is hope?
Keep up the good work.

Laura Blanchard

of Philadelphia, PA on November 13, 2013

“Certainly the game is rigged. Don't let that stop you; if you don't bet you can't win.”--Robert A. Heinlein
As far as I'm concerned, Mr. Ingram has just forfeited his right to complain about the government.

Fran Bertholet

of Billings, MT on October 07, 2014

Good for you, Laura. I cannot believe there are such a bunch of whining liberals in this crowd. Tea Partiers happy to destroy our country? No, what we have now in government is destroying our country, and for any of you to have voted for BO amazes me. Thank goodness we have Montana to support a more conservative point of view and want to make the US free of foreign oil dependency. Don't know who the hell you guys are hanging with, but the good news to me is that what is coming out of many friends of Classes 55 & 57 are CONSERVATIVE, and long may they live and spread the word.

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