Tom Purdom

Tom Purdom is a science fiction writer and general freelance writer who has been writing about music ever since the opening of the 1988-89 season, when he became the classical music critic for a unique Center City weekly called the Welcomat. His musings on the Philadelphia culture scene have been circulated by several local publications and two online services.

Purdom has written non-fiction about subjects as varied as arms control and interior decorating for magazines such as Kiwanis and American Education and institutional clients such as the University of Pennsylvania and the United States Air Force. His science fiction credits include five novels, a 50-year string of highly praised shorter works, and translations into German, Chinese, Burmese, Russian, Czech and other widely spoken tongues.

Nowadays he usually writes novelettes (stories of around 10-15,000 words) which mostly appear in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. Reprints of his science fiction can be found in anthologies such as the 25th edition of Gardner Dozois's Year's Best Science Fiction. Electronic reprints can be purchased from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Fictionwise.

His literary memoir, When I Was Writing, has attracted thousands of readers to his website. It can still be read for free on the Web, and it's also available on the Kindle and the Nook, for those who prefer the convenience of an e-reader. An account of his metamorphosis into a music critic can be perused in the fourth installment, "Through Time and Space with Giacomo Casanova."