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Appearances, publications, and other activities of Broad Street Review's contributors.

Humorist Roz Warren's newest book, Just Another Day at Your Local Public Library: An Insider's Tale of Library Life, was published in March, 2017. 

“Troubled Water”

Maria Corley‘s performance of “Troubled Water” by Margaret Bonds was used in the documentary ”Kabreeya’s Salad Days,” part of the HBO series The Weight of the Nation for Kids.

Anthological appearance

Bob Levin‘s pieces “Conventional Thinking,” “Of Debatable Significance,” and “Matinees and Memories,” all of which previously appeared at, have been republished in the anthology The Floating Bridge, Benj DeMott, ed. (Transaction Publishers. 2013).

Paranormal noir

Tom Purdom’s latest short story can be found in the September issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine, which is now on sale.  “A Stranger from a Foreign Ship” is a kind of paranormal crime noir story.  It’s a little different from the kind of science fiction Tom normally writes, and may be of more interest to people who don’t normally read science fiction.  Asimov’s is usually available in Barnes and Noble, and can be purchased from the Amazon and B&N websites in physical and digital manifestations.

Literary Philadelphia

Tom Purdom is one of four Philadelphia science fiction writers included in the new ”Philadelphia’s Literary Legacy” exhibit at the airport. The exhibit features bios, photos,and other material on 50 writers selected to represent “the breadth of the region’s literary creativity.” The other science fiction writers in the exhibit are Ben Bova, Gardner Dozois, and Michael Swanwick.  The writers from more mundane fields include Benjamin Franklin, Pearl Buck, Margaret Mead, W.E.B. DuBois, and Owen Wister. The exhibit will be on display, for ticketed passengers, until June 15, 2014 at Terminal A-East.

Humor, politics, and Burt Lancaster

Bob Levin reports: “The next issue of Black Eye: An Anthology of Humor and Despair will print a chapter from my much reviled and much rejected novel The Schiz. The next issue of the annual The First of the Year (it’s running a little late) will feature pieces by me on the 1960 Democratic Convention, Burt Lancaster movies, and the initial 2012 presidential debate.”

Social workers’ burnout

SaraKay Smullens won the 2013 NASW Media Award for Best Magazine/Magazine Article for her article, “What I Wish I Had Known: Burnout in Our Social Work Profession,” which appeared in the Fall issue of The New Social Worker.

Legendary Philadelphians

Thom Nickels, City Beat editor at ICON Magazine, is working under contract on a book, Legendary Philadelphians, a photo biography of past and present notable (and infamous) Philadelphians from the arts and sciences, business, literature, politics, religion, etc. Publication is scheduled for January - February 2014. Walking on Water & After All This—novellas about how the power of the mind can create alternate universes—will be published by Starbooks Press in April 2013. 

Wildwood’s boardwalk

Bob Ingram is doing the final edits on a sequel to Boardwalk: Greetings from Wildwood By-The-Sea, which has aired on WHYY. He and his colleagues at Boca Cape Films expect to have the update ready for this season.

Bob Dylan

Bob Levin‘s recent piece on the most important American artist of the 20th century, “Bob Dylan: Autumn 2012,” will appear shortly at

Weapons of the future

Tom Purdom recently spent three days at West Point, joining technical and military personnel in a conference on the future of small arms. Tom and two other writers attended on behalf of Sigma, an organization of science fiction writers who participate in such events in the hope their explorations of the future will contribute useful ideas to the discussion.

Early Chekhov

The early Chekhov play Ivanov, in a translation by Carol Rocamora, is running though December 9, 2012 in New York. The Classic Stage Company production was directed by Austin Pendleton and stars Ethan Hawke. For more information, click here.

Talking directly to directors

Susan Lehman interviewed 12 directors, including Rob Marshall, Jerry Zaks, and Joel Zwick, who have worked both on Broadway and in Hollywood. Her Directors: From Stage to Screen and Back Again is being published in December 2012 by Intellect LTD and distributed by the University of Chicago Press. For more information, click here.

Gifts of a Dead Man

Derek Davis’s novel, Gifts of a Dead Man, is available in both print and e-book editions from, and in a variety of e-book formats at

Support for Baby Boomers

The Age for Change, a nine-chapter e-book that explores challenging issues that confront America’s over-50 population, includes a chapter on friendship by SaraKay Smullens. This interactive book is edited by Gloria Hochman. Other chapter authors include Anndee Hochman, Nissa Simon, Tim Harper and Melba Newsome. The book is available free at, and is also available through Kindle and other book-reading devices. Topics include adjusting to friendship changes, and leaving depleting relationships of all kinds; navigating the changed relationships with one’s adult sons and daughters and their families; creating a meaningful community; and dealing with an ever-ticking clock.

Harpist’s biography

Saul Davis Zlatkovsky contributed the preface and other material to Pentacle, a biography of the harpist Carlos Salzedo, by Marietta Bitter. The book is published by the American Harp Society’s Salzedo Fund Committee. CreateSpace, January 2011. 272 pages; $19.95. For more information, click here.

Zinman on Ibsen

Toby Zinman is author of “50 Ways to Leave Your Torvald,” a featured article about Ibsen’s A Doll’s House in the February issue of American Theatre magazine. To read it, click here.

Becoming a Psychotherapist

Vic Schermer, a BSR music contributor as well as a Philadelphia psychologist and therapist, has co-edited On Becoming a Psychotherapist: The Personal and Professional Journey, with Robert H. Klein and Harold Bernard Oxford U. Press, January 2011). For more information, click here.

Praise for the pianist Maria Thompson Corley

Maria Thompson Corley’s piano performance was recently reviewed in the in the Royal Gazette Online. Her arrangement of “Steal Away” was included in countertenor Darryl Taylor’s recent Albany release, A Charm of Spirituals.

Corley Published by Walton

An arrangement of Mary Had a Baby by contributor Mary Thompson Corley was recently published by Walton Music as part of the Lynne Gackle series for developing singers.  You can listen to a clip of the arrangement here

Feudale on the Barnes

Contributor Richard Ralph Feudale has just published a book on the Barnes, titled Barnes Rune 2012 (Decoding the Mysteries of Pennsylvania’s Barnes Foundation, A Special American Place).  From the author: “The Barnes is a beautiful cipher, written in images. Pennsylvania’s politicians are helping to destroy something that they haven’t even thought about in a deep and circumspect manner.” Purchase your own copy by follow this link.  It is also being sold on Amazon.

Purdom’s Science Fiction

Tom Purdom‘s latest science fiction story can be found in the April-May issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, now on sale.  “A Response from EST17” is an interstellar first contact story featuring a particularly ingenious way to teach nosey species they shouldn’t send probes to the stars.

Corley to Perform Leslie Adams

Contributor Maria Thompson Corley will be performing with countertenor Darryl Taylor at the Smithsonian Museum of African American History on Sunday, October 21 at 2 p.m.  They will be doing Leslie Adams’ Nightsongs cycle, with the composer in attendance.